We are manufacturer and seller of different types of chemicals for cleaning of defaced/black notes w


ssd chemical solution For Sell in South Africa

WE SALE CHEMICALS LIKE TOURMALINE, SSD Chemical Solution, CASTRO X OXIDE, A4 AND MANY Like ACTIVATION POWDER & SSD SOLUTION FOR CLEANING BLACK MONEY Chemical and Allied product incorporated is a major manufacturer of industrial and pharmaceutical products with key specialization in the production of S.S.D Automatic solution used in the cleaning of black money , defaced money and stained bank notes with anti-breeze quality. OTHERS FOR DAMAGED NOTES, BILLS LIKE USD, EURO, POUNDS, RUPEES and Many More.Contact: Morris +27839387284 Or Email: mulanidoctor87@gmail.com for More Information.

Ssd Chemical Solution Suppliers and Activation Powder For Sell +27839387284.

Our Products: Our Ssd Solution Laboratory Produces a range of chemicals, powders to be used to clean all types of bank notes and also has the CLS Laser cleaning machine to handle worse cases of bank notes. Our products vary from : Humine Activation SSD Solution SSD super Solution SSD Super Automatic Solution SSD PK58 Solution SSD Universal Solution SSD Master Solution SSD D2 Fuse Solution SSD Virus Term Solution With the use of all the above chemicals, Our technicians are able to clean black or defaced bank notes of US dollar, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, Euro, Pounds, Swiss Francs, Kuwaiti Dinar, South African Rand, Egyptian Pound, Japanese Yen, Ghana Cedis, Korean Won, Chinese Renminbi, Thailand Baht, Brazilian Real, Central African Francs, Rupees and all other local currencies and restore back to original. For More information on Chemical Solution Contact below, Call / WhatsApp: +27839387284 Doctor Morris Email: mulanidoctor87@gmail.com

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SSD Chemical is a type of cleaning chemical used by the people who want to clean black money at home. This black money cleaning solution is a standardized chemical.